Dive into pure, naturally warm, ozone-enriched thermal water

From the underground basins of the hills of the Euganean spas in Veneto, a water with beneficial and therapeutic properties gushes out.

Ideal for the health of the body and mind!

Our Thermal Treatments in Montegrotto Terme

The thermal waters are used to treat various pathologies

Here is the list of the main Spa Treatments, affiliated with the SSN-ASL (Italian health insurance), which adults and children can use:


  • treatment for the Respiratory Diseases, such as Bronchitis, Sinusitis and Laryng-Pharyngitis, for example with Aerosols or Nebulizations;
  • treatments for Skin Diseases, such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis through Sulfur Balneotherapy;
  • Bone treatments, to treat Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism with Thermal Mud or Sulphurous Baths.

     DAY SPA:

  • Daily admission 1 adult from € 39
  • Daily admission 1 child from € 19


Water: a unique wealth

Balneotherapy consists of immersing the body in a tub containing pure, naturally hot thermal water enriched with minerals and ozone.


The thermal bath, thanks to the pressure exerted by the water, is ideal for treating:

  • painful joint syndromes
  • muscle atrophies
  • trauma
  • fractures
  • surgical interventions
  • fibromyalgia

In fact, the thermal water is very important because it makes movements smoother, the muscles relax, the pain decreases, while the bubbles developed by the ozone flow ensure an intense vasodilating action.The chemical composition of the thermal water effectively and naturally promotes the resolution of chronic inflammatory processes.


Balneotherapy is practiced in individual tubs, using thermal water at a temperature of 36-38 ° C.

The sessions, lasting about 15 minutes, are repeated for cycles of 12 treatments (1 per day), and usually complete with the mud therapy.


The therapeutic mud of the Euganean Spas consists of 2 main components: clay and thermal water, which generate active ingredients that have a certified anti-inflammatory efficacy equal to that of the reference drugs, but without side effects.


Mud therapy consists of three basic steps:

  • the application of hot mud for about 15-20 minutes;
  • a bath in thermal water at 36-38 ° C, after a bathing shower, for 8-15 minutes;
  • relaxation and sweat reaction, to complete the biological effects of mud bath therapy.

The treatment can be concluded with a massage that reactivates the skin circulation.


Mud therapy is absolutely recommended for:


  • osteoarthritis
  • widespread osteoarthritis
  • cervicoarthrosis
  • lumbar osteoarthritis
  • arthrosis to others
  • osteoporosis extra-articular
  • rheumatism inflammatory
  • rheumatism fibrosis
  • tendonitis of rheumatic
  • origin fibromyalgia

Inhalations and Areosol

Inhalation thermal therapies are very useful for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases and in the prevention of exacerbations.

The special nebulization of the thermal water provides an effective treatment of acute or chronic diseases involving all the respiratory tracts.

The therapeutic activity is linked to the direct anti-inflammatory action of the airways.


Inhalation therapies are recommended for the treatment of:

  • simple chronic bronchitis or bronchitis accompanied by an obstructive component
  • vasomotor rhinopathy
  • pharyngolaryngitis
  • chronic sinusitis
  • rhinosinusitis-bronchial syndromes


Wellness kids
The benefits of Thermal Waters

The thermal waters present in the subsoil are spring waters rich in minerals, have a temperature between 20 ° and 63 °. The higher the temperature, the greater the quantity of minerals are present and precisely this concentration classifies the thermal waters into 3 types: Isotonic, Hypotonic, Hypertonic

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